Vera Hugues Salas

Office and Communications Assistant

As an Office and Communications Assistant, Vera Hugues Salas is responsible for the management of the office and Blue Action Fund’s communications work, while giving overall support to the Executive Director. More recently, Vera provided administrative and project management aid to conservation NGOs as a freelancer. Prior to that, Vera worked at Synchronicity Earth as a Research and Communications Assistant, and for IUCN, where she supported the former IUCN Species Survival Commission Chair and managed his office. She also worked as a Research Technician at the Biodiversity and Macroecology group, formerly based at the University of Sheffield.

Vera holds a BSc in Biology from the University in Sheffield, UK, and a MSc in Ecology and Management of the Natural Environment from the University of Bristol, UK.

Vera Hugues Salas ⋆ Blue Action Fund