Thyrza Zoons

Grant Manager

As Grant Manager, Thyrza Zoons oversees and administers several grants within Blue Action Fund’s Grant Programme.

Before joining Blue Action Fund, Thyrza worked with SDG Netherlands as a Programme Manager on SDG-wide transitions and with Climate Cleanup as an Advisor on Ocean Stored Carbon. Alongside these positions, she was on the Board of We Are Tomorrow Global Partnership, an international platform for youth climate organisations to foster their advocacy efforts in the UNFCCC space – initially on Public Affairs and later as Finance & Partnerships Manager.

Thyrza holds a MSc in Sustainable Development from Utrecht University and a BSc in Environmental Science from Wageningen University. For her MSc thesis, she developed a new impact assessment framework for the restoration of mangrove forests, whilst working with a local conservation organisation on Bonaire. She also worked with REEFolution Foundation on coral reef restoration education in Kenya.


Thyrza Zoons - Blue Action Fund
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