Marinela Mitro

Grant Manager

Marinela Mitro joined Blue Action Fund as a Grant Manager in October 2021. She manages several grants in close cooperation with Blue Action Fund’s Programme Team.

Before joining Blue Action Fund, Marinela worked for five years as Project Coordinator at the Institute for Nature Conservation in Albania. In collaboration with WWF she was responsible for the implementation of projects related to marine protected areas. Additionally, Marinela collected diverse experiences in conservation and sustainable agriculture while working for BASF, Global G.A.P, and other international organisations. Recently, Marinela has been developing and teaching a module in bioeconomy as external Lecturer at the University of Rhein-Waal.

Marinela holds a BSc in Biology and a MSc in Environmental Biology from the University of Tirana, Albania, and a MSc in Bioeconomy from the University of Hohenheim, Germany. She was awarded with three scholarships: the Klaus Toepfer Fellowship, WWF Prince Bernhard Scholarships for Nature Conservation and DAAD Scholarship.

Marinela Mitro - Blue Action Fund
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