Blue Action Fund’s Grant Programme supports projects that are implemented by national and international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in their efforts to conserve the ocean and improve the livelihoods of coastal communities in developing countries.

Impact – Making a Difference

Overall impact of Blue Action Fund's Grant Programme
(as of 1 September 2023)



Marine protected areas (MPAs)

MPAs managed more effectively (km²)


New MPAs (km²)



Blue Action Fund funding: €101,798,485
Match funding: €37,352,506

Total €139,150,991





Where We Work

Open Projects

Closed Projects

List of Grants

GranteeTitleMore InformationCountry/iesAmount awarded (€)Match funding (€)StatusProject startProject endCall for Proposal
Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)Strengthening the network of climate resilient ecosystems across the Pemba Channel coral reef climate refuge, TanzaniaTanzania5,000,000579,345Open09/202308/2027EbA Western Indian Ocean (2021)
RareEmpowering Fisher-Farmer Communities to adopt Nature-based Solutions, MozambiqueMozambique5,018,7651,731,301Open08/202307/2027EbA Western Indian Ocean (2021)
Wildlands Conservation Trust (WILDTRUST)Building resilience to climate change at iSimangaliso MPA, South AfricaSouth Africa5,500,0002,798,679Open08/202307/2027EbA Western Indian Ocean (2021)
Regional Partnership for the Conservation of the Coastal and Marine Zone (PRCM)Sustainable management of MPAs in Bijagós Archipelago ('Blue Bijagós'), Guinea-BissauView PDFGuinea-Bissau4,754,8081,616,181Open06/202305/2028Africa's Atlantic Coast (2021)
Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF)Strengthening and expanding Namibia's MPA network (NIMPA+)View PDFNamibia3,647,7483,403,986Open04/202303/2028Africa's Atlantic Coast (2021)
Fauna & Flora International (FFI)Increasing socio-ecological resilience in Pemba Channel, TanzaniaView PDFTanzania5,737,161654,334 Open03/202308/2027EbA Western Indian Ocean (2019)
WWFElevating EbA approaches in the Tsimanampesotse-Nosy Ve Androka Biosphere Reserve seascape, MadagascarView PDFMadagascar4,762,044 767,161Open07/202206/2027EbA Western Indian Ocean (2019)
Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)Building a blue future on the East African coast, MozambiqueView PDFMozambique5,913,746 2,004,153 Open07/202206/2027EbA Western Indian Ocean (2019)
Blue VenturesIncreasing resilience to climate change, Barren Isles, MadagascarView PDFMadagascar5,226,078 827,879 Open07/202206/2027EbA Western Indian Ocean (2019)
Peace Parks FoundationEcosystem-based Adaptation to climate change in Maputo EPA, MozambiqueView PDFMozambique5,900,0001,900,000Open06/202205/2027EbA Western Indian Ocean (2019)
Wildlands Conservation Trust (WILDTRUST)Ecosystem-based Adaptation in uThukela MPA, South AfricaView PDFSouth Africa6,500,0002,860,182Open04/202203/2027EbA Western Indian Ocean (2019)
The Nature Conservancy (TNC)Fostering MPA Management Effectiveness and Sustainable Fisheries in PeruView PDFPeru3,261,0801,088,626Open09/202102/2026Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean (2019)
Blue VenturesSafeguarding Blue Forests in IndonesiaView PDFIndonesia1,778,602830,398Open08/202107/2026East Asian Seas (2018)
Fondo AcciónLa Minga: community-based marine conservation in ColombiaView PDFColombia2,873,787634,416Open08/202107/2025Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean (2019)
MarViva FoundationAmplifying marine conservation around Cocos Island, Costa RicaView PDFCosta Rica2,752,481982,924Open07/202106/2026Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean (2019)
Island ConservationStrengthening conservation in Galapagos and Cocos protected areasView PDFEcuador, Costa Rica3,121,912 4,475,474 Open02/202101/2025Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean (2019)
Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara (YKAN)Improving MPAs and community livelihoods in IndonesiaView PDFIndonesia2,689,551 895,592 Open12/202005/2025East Asian Seas (2019)
Fauna & Flora International (FFI)Strengthening MPAs in CambodiaView PDFCambodia3,040,007 1,600,027 Open10/202009/2025East Asian Seas (2019)
Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)Expanding and improving marine conservation in MyanmarView PDFMyanmar3,000,000648,539Open09/202008/2025East Asian Seas (2019)
WWFScaling-up protection of Quirimbas National Park, MozambiqueView PDFMozambique34,54817,821Closed11/201906/2020Western Indian Ocean (2018)
WWFStrengthening MPA management in TanzaniaView PDFTanzania3,057,5711,102,022Open08/201907/2024Western Indian Ocean (2018)
Wildlands Conservation Trust (WILDTRUST)Improving and expanding MPAs in the South-West Indian Ocean View PDFSouth Africa 3,057,9951,049,088Closed06/201907/2023Western Indian Ocean (2018)
Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)Creating a network of MPAs in the Western Indian OceanView PDFKenya, Madagascar, and Tanzania2,920,673959,250Open05/201901/2024Western Indian Ocean (2018)
Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)Scaling up MPAs in MelanesiaView PDFFiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands2,712,9031,070,770Closed01/201908/2022Small Island Developing States (2017)
Fauna & Flora International (FFI)Establishing a network of MPAs across São Tomé and PríncipeView PDFSão Tomé and Príncipe1,941,308648,288Open10/201809/2023Small Island Developing States (2017)
WWFSafeguarding Primeiras and Segundas, MozambiqueView PDFMozambique2,662,491891,189Open08/201808/2023Inception Pilot (2016)
Conservation International (CI)Fishing for a prosperous future in the Eastern Tropical PacificView PDFCosta Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador2,750,000922,200Closed04/201812/2021Inception Pilot (2016)
RareNetwork of community-managed MPAs, MozambiqueView PDFMozambique1,635,075546,003Closed03/201812/2021Inception Pilot (2016)
Grant Programme - Blue Action Fund
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