Call for Proposals

Blue Action finances individual grants to selected marine and/or coastal conservation projects in marine protected areas and their buffer zones. Interested organisations may submit proposals in response to calls for proposals published on this page. Information, focus area, and application procedures are published in conjunction with the specific announcement. Blue Action Fund accepts submissions only when a call is open. Proposals submitted at other times cannot be considered. Detailed information on Blue Action’s mission and grant procedures can be found in the Grant Procedures Manual.

Current Call for Proposals

No open call for proposals

Previous Calls

The projects selected to date are in different stages of implementation. See the Programme page for project details.

Status: CLOSED, 3 August 2017

Focus: Small Island Developing States

Grant Amount: € 1-3 million

2017 Call for Proposals-Small Island Developing States

Status: CLOSED,  04 April 2018

Focus: Western Indian Ocean

Grant Amount: €1-3 million

2018 Call for Proposals-Western Indian Ocean

Status: CLOSED, 14 February 2019

Focus: East Asian Seas

Grant Amount: € 1-3 million

2019 Call for Proposals-East Asian Seas

Call for Proposals ⋆ Blue Action Fund