The Ocean covers 70% of the earth’s surface and generates 50% of our oxygen, regulates our climate, and feeds millions of people. It is earth’s largest habitat.

Despite their great importance, oceans and coasts are under pressure more than ever. Fish stocks are overused and the oceans’ waters are the final destination for more and more rubbish and untreated pollutants. Add to this the economic pressures—from deep-sea mining to oil production to tourism—and the burden is too much for these unique ecosystems.

Conserving the world’s oceans and stopping the loss of its biodiversity are among humanity’s biggest challenges. Blue Action Fund contributes to meeting this challenge by supporting national and international non-governmental organisations and promoting:

 the safeguarding of marine biodiversity: creating new protected areas and improving the management of existing ones

 the sustainable use of marine biodiversity: in fisheries, aquaculture and tourism

Our goal is to reduce the dramatic loss of marine biodiversity and to advance local development by stabilising incomes in coastal communities and enhancing coastal protection.

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